we are investors in ideas


Who we are

Investors in Ideas is an active investor and a technology based management and consultancy company. We are an active consultancy and collaborator, also license holders and managers of a wide ranging bank of intellectual property. We provide investment structuring and management solutions for individuals, corporate clients and other institutions. A major part of the business at the moment is replacing legacy custom applications with flexible solutions and rationalizing the overall number of applications. Our team is driven by intensity, vision, innovation, integrity, and intellectual curiosity. With our offices strategically situated in London, UK we are ideally positioned to work across multiple jurisdictions and time zones.

We take a good idea and make it into reality

We focus on making good companies better by assisting those that need our help. To achieve this, we build platforms for integrating and managing communications and data to empower your company. We provide investment packages for all according to their budget, whether you want to invest in technology or you have a brilliant and profitable plan and need backers we can act for you.


Why we exist

Our philosophy is a simple one; if you succeed then we succeed. We are as passionate about your ideas and products as you are and immerse ourselves in the business. We are not just investors; we are partners in every aspect of the business. We are as careful with other people’s money as we are with our own, we invest where we see potential and strive hard to realise the potential.

A problem is just an unrealised opportunity

Our clients come to us with their problems and we show them that there is no such thing as a problem, just an opportunity and if we can be the first to tap its resources then we have an advantage We send our experts into the field to work directly with our clients to deploying our products, integrating their systems with ours and producing operational results in weeks, not years. By establishing a true partnership, we help customers get the most out of our products and expertise.


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