We are Investors in Ideas

A full service investment and consultancy company, with over five years of experience advising and managing. We have a particular interest in the development of communication solutions and software development where we have, in particular been developing some innovative new solutions for a new marketplace over the last two years.

Our goal

Our goal has always been to help our clients generate revenue maximize customer value, and manage their business as efficiently as possible, consequently we provide advice and support on exploring business models, crafting long-term and short-term goals, defining and creating marketing strategies and campaigns, tracking results and determining the strongest techniques, planning for new websites, effectively utilising online tools including social media. We do this by developing bespoke software applications that utilise the cutting edge of technology to allow communication and feedback between business partners.

Our team

Our team are extremely flexible and will tailor our support to match your business sector and ambitions. We are currently the licence holders and managers of varied platforms including applications and softwares for three foreign based start-up companies. One of them is an innovative free classified advertisements platform that is due for its UK launch in Summer 2019. Our remit runs to managing the entire UK operation including invoicing and marketing the complete suite of software for it. The other is a Software as a Service enterprise that has developed out of the marketplace, where we licence the software to companies who use just what they need, avoiding the extra expense of either buying a lot of irrelevant components or developing things themselves.

Marketplace Launch

Our flagship project, the launch of a new online marketplace, is well into its final stages. On launch it will rival the more established ones through its use of our communication platforms to provide traders with real time interaction and the opportunity to inspect the goods and negotiate the price as if the two parties were face to face in a real market, not a virtual one.

Linked indirectly to this company is the software development business that is creating a platform that can be used for business communication across a broad spectrum. In the near future we have great hopes for this one.